Hi! I am Christina, I am twenty and I am also on fanfiction under the pen name, LadyWriter94. I love Phantom of the Opera, Robsten, Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston, Lolita, Lana Del Rey, Disney and many more. Enjoy my blog!
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He had been wrong. The pain didn’t fade. It seemed to grow worse, and in a colder, uglier way. Before, his loneliness had been an impersonal thing, he had never been able to say to himself that the presence in his life of any one being could remedy it. But now loneliness had a name: Meggie. Meggie, Meggie, Meggie… By "The Thorn Birds" Colleen McCullough  (via audreydarcie)

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//Friendly reminder that “Antagonist” and “Villain” are not the same thing, just as “Protagonist” and “Hero” are not the same thing, though they do often overlap.

Friendly reminder that being a protagonist does not make you inherently good, and being an antagonist does not make you inherently evil.